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Hands on bodywork

Choose a specific style of treatment that feels right for you, or opt for the signature bodywork evolution approach to finding and releasing the difficult areas in your body.

For a sublime relaxing, destressing and nurtuting experience, consider trying traditional Lomi Lomi, a shamanic hawaiian oil massage that uses long sensuous strokes and rhythmic movements to squeez a little bit of aloha into every fibre of you being.

Alternatively, a reiki session where hands are laid onto the body in various positions to encourage the flow of energy. Less of  massage and more of a 'laying on of hands'.

For people who prefer oriental approaches to understanding health, try Chi Nei Tsang, a deep massage of the belly, chest and pelvic organs to balance the 5 elements in your body and drive out negative energy.

Price: £55 (outer London) - £60 (central London) per hour.

However you got them, sport and remedial massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial therapy can support you in healing your and rehabilitating your injuries, or support you while you train to keep injury free. Add in a few joint manipulations and mobilisations and some medical acupuncture and you'll feel like a new you!

Price: £55 (outer London) - £60 (central London) per hour.

How many of us have the posture we think we should have? Myoskeletal therapy, myofascial therapy and structural integration (CORE bodywork) can help to reverse postural problems that are causing you discomfort or making life difficult. Add in a regular yoga or movement practice to make the changes permanent!

Price: £55 (outer London) - £60 (central London) per hour.

ScarWork is a gentle but profound way to minimise the effects of scars on your body. If you can feel your scar 'pull' or it limits your movement, then ScarWork may help you move more freely. Developed by advanced Rolfer Sharon Wheeler, this form of treatment is rapidly gaining popularity.

Price: £55 (outer London) - £60 (central London) per hour.

Quick and effective body waxing for men and women, and intimate waxing for men, using high quality organic waxing products.

You know what they say, if you want to sell the house you've got to mow the lawn!

Managing your body hair is an important part of grooming for both men and women in the 21st Century, and we all know that shaving and hair removal creams really don't cut the mustard.

For a really smooth long lasting finish, waxing is still the best method of routine hair removal. So whether you wax for sporting reasons or just for the clean feel, I can help you out. 

Prices range from £15 for small single body areas to £180 to remove everything from the neck down. The infamous 'back, crack and sack' comes in at £80.

Ever wished your partner or friend could give you a great massage, or vice versa? Why not bring them along and learn the basics together?

With a private massage training workshop you can discover how to give a wonderful full body massage safely to your partner, and just as importantly, they will learn to give one to you.

This is great for single people who would like to massage friends and family too, but you will need to bring along someone who is willing to act as a guinea pig for you while you learn.

You will not receive any formal qualification and you will not be able to obtain insurance after this course, but you will feel confident to massage your partner. It may also be a great idea if you're thinking about doing a professional massage training.

Please note that while massage is a great sensual treat and can be wonderful foreplay, I do not teach any kind of massage of the sexual organs.

Price: £55 (outer London) - £60 (central London) per hour.