Myofascial Therapy is a specialised physical and manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions.

The connective tissues of the body are just as important as the muscles and joints when it comes to understanding pain, restriction and dysfunction, and there are two main ways to address this:

      - Direct myofascial therapy: using deep, slow strokes to influence the deeper fascia.

      - Indirect myofascial therapy: using light touch, long hold techniques to address superficial fascia

I have trained in direct myofascial therapy with Noah Karrasch, founder of CORE bodywork and an advanced Rolfer, and in indirect myofascial therapy with Ruth Duncan of MFR-UK (based on the John Barnes approach). I have also trained in the Anatomy Trains approach (created by Tom Myers).

Key information:

Available in: Moorgate, Twickenham

Session length: Normally 60 mins focussing on a specific issue. 90 mins for a thorough full body session

Notes: Clients are normally treated in underwear and areas not being worked on are draped with towels.

This work is very gentle and is great for people who cannot tolerate deep or strong pressure.