If you have a scar, new or old that hurts or restricts your natural movement, then ScarWork could be for you.

Few people in the UK are qualified in ScarWork, a light touch method for reintegrating scars. This method  improves mobility and flexibility of the tissues and can improve its appearance. Suitable for scars of any size or age that are causing problems, including:

     -     Ceasarian section scars

     -     Inguinal hernia repair scars

     -     Appendicectomy scars

     -     Joint replacement scars

     -     Surgical scars

     -     Accidental scars (from trauma or burns)

Some ScarWorkers are also investigating whether this work can help fibromatosis conditions - Dupuytrens contracture, Lederhose etc.

Sharon Wheeler, a Rolfer in the US who studied directly with Ida Rolf has developed this method of scar mobilisation over the past 40 years.

Key information:

Available in: Moorgate, Twickenham

Session length: Normally 60 mins focussing on a specific scar.

Notes: Clients are normally treated fully clothed and only expose the area of the scar or fibrosis.